Key Points to Jot Down While Preparing For NEET Examination


Lacks of students appear for NEET examinations who aspire to make a career in medical line. The examination is considered to be tough and full of challenges, yet a student who dares to attempt it is great and full of spirits. As the NEET courses keep updating each year, the examination set remains the same.

Life is all about failures and success. Similarly in the path of education, failures, and success keeps coming. In NEET examination, some may get success while some may have to pull their collars and work harder. This does not mean you cannot achieve success. In such condition, you are required to some support, a good hard work, and some fantastic tips while preparing for NEET examination time.


So, let’s know about some key points that could help you in your preparation time for NEET examination.

Key Points for Preparation

Try to jot down the preparation tips or advice so, that you may implement it properly and prepare in the best ways for examination. And the points are—

Know the Syllabus

NEET syllabus covers vast chapters and assignments which you need to know before starting off with preparation for the examination. Try to make points from every chapter that is important and highly asked in examination papers. Try to focus and cover important portions of the syllabus and then touch the extras. This will make you skilled in practicing important and highly asked questions and will help in solving those better ways during the examination. This is one beneficial point that would not only prepare you well but will also save your time in greater ways for revision and cover the syllabus in lesser time.

Important areas to cover:

Biology: Genetics, Cell Biology, Reproduction and Physiology of Plants and Animals; Basics of Biotechnology.

Chemistry: Mole Concept, General Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding.

Physics: Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics and Nuclear Physics.

Make Effective Study Plan

Try to make study planning which would include what chapter you are going to complete on which date. This will help you to cover the entire syllabus differently.

Take Online Test

There are many NEET online test series available on the internet today where you can get your own test and know the scores. The result will tell how much you need to put efforts to your preparation and how much not. The NEET online test series are also beneficial to test your speed, knowledge, and preparation level.

Prepare Weaker Parts of Syllabus

Try to prepare and put full efforts on weaker sections of your study material. This will help you in becoming skilled in those, and you never know it can bang your result as the best. Practice the questions as much as you can to become confident and improve your scores in 2017 NEET examination.

These were some key points that you should jot down and start preparing for 2017 NEET examinations and score the best. All the best, students!



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