Benefits of Previous Year Question Papers for IIT JEE Preparation

Several students appear for competitive exams such as IIT JEE and NEET each year but only a few are able to make it to their dream college. A lot of hard work and determination goes into the preparation of these exams. Right from seeking expert coaching to taking out enough time for self study – everything needs to be managed properly. Among other things, it is suggested to solve previous years’ IIT exam question papers in order to prepare thoroughly for your exam. Here is how these question papers can benefit for IIT JEE preparation:

Insight into the Examination Pattern

Having an idea about the examination pattern helps you perform better in the exam. And what better way to get an insight about it then to refer to the previous years’ papers? IIT exam question papers acquaint you with the exact pattern of this competitive exam.

Know the Type of Questions Asked

You may have learnt your lessons well enough however you may still go blank looking at the questions as these are mostly twisted strategically to put your knowledge to test. However, if you have gone through previous years’ IIT exam question papers then you will have an idea about how the questions are tweaked to select the most deserving candidates. So you would be prepared accordingly.

Practice Makes Perfect

Solving previous years’ papers and giving mock tests is a great way to practice the numerical as well as the theory part. The more you solve these, the more you learn and the better you prepare for your examination. It is thus suggested to give as many of these as you can.

Test Your Knowledge

IIT exam question papers do not only help you practice more but also give you a fair idea about how well prepared you are for the upcoming examination. By giving these tests you understand as to which topics you are thorough with and which ones you require brushing up on. So you can lay more stress on the ones you are weak in rather than revising the entire syllabus each time.

Enhance Speed

Solving previous years’ question papers and giving mock tests regularly does not only enhance your analytical and problem solving skills but also helps develop speed. It helps you understand as to how much time you should devote to each section in order to complete your paper on time.


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