How 10+2 CBSE Sample Papers Can Help You Crack JEE

Just as you look forward to taking mock tests to prepare for Joint Entrance Examination, it is suggested to take the 12 CBSE sample papers as seriously. There are a number of reasons why you should solve as many 12 CBSE sample papers as you can if you are planning to sit for JEE. Here is how these sample papers can help you crack this tough competitive examination.

Build Strong Base

Class XI and XII CBSE syllabus build a strong base for the JEE exam. Solving class 12 CBSE sample papers particularly will help you assess all that you have grasped thereby giving you a clear picture of how strong you are with the fundamentals. This in-turn will help you figure out if you are well-prepared to begin your preparation for the next-level that is the JEE or still require brushing up on the basics before you step further.

Similar Topics

Though compared to CBSE class 12 exams, the questions included in the JEE paper are far more twisted and tweaked to test the knowledge of the candidates however the topics covered in both these exams are more or less the same. So studying your class 12 lessons and subsequently solving class 12 CBSE sample papers helps in preparing better for JEE.

Comprehensive Solutions

The JEE paper requires you to answer objective-type questions while solving class 12 CBSE sample papers you require giving comprehensive answers to the questions asked. Unlike the JEE sample papers that just include one word answers to the given questions, the solved CBSE sample papers include the whole procedure to derive at the answer. This helps you understand the concept better and prepare more efficiently.

Knowledge Testing

Just as the JEE sample papers and mock tests, class 12 CBSE sample papers also help you test your knowledge. You get to understand as to which topics you are thorough with and which ones you require brushing up on. These papers also put your analytical and reasoning skills to test and hone them.

Time Management

12 CBSE sample papers require you to give detailed answers for the questions asked and thus prepare you to manage your time appropriately. Solving these papers over and over helps develop a good speed as well as efficiency.

So what are you waiting for? Grab these papers now and begin solving them regularly to prepare for JEE!


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