MIT and Stanford –Admit in 2 of the super-elite M7 Business schools

Admission MIT and Stanford

He was a Chartered Accountant with about 4 years of work experience in the transaction advisory space. He was a slogger right from the start. Born and brought up in a small North India town, he scored in late nineties in his grade XII exams to get into the Hindu College (could not make it to SRCC or St Stephens). He got a job in one of the large transaction advisory practices in India and did the usual work there (like many hundred others). He did not have any significant ‘T’ shaped qualities to get into any top-notch college. Like many before him, he was confined to struggle and a life of mediocrity.

“Not me”, said he. And he got down to work!

He did not want to settle for less. Hence he signed up with us and started working right from January. And therefore we had a clear 8 -10 months to prepare and sharpen his narrative. Read more


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